SkimProt Card Guard

SkimProt Card Guard is a shielding product, which protects contactless bank cards from being copied or skimmed. The protective card is to be placed immediately next to your bank card, making it impossible for someone to scan your card from a distance without your knowledge.

  1. Place the protective card immediately next to your bank card. One product protects up to two bank card if placed in-between them.
  2. Keep the Card Guard next to your bank card at all time, unless you want to make a transaction.
  3. The bank card can function as a normal contactless transaction tool only when taken away from SkimProt Card Guard.

For us it is important that the product we offer are of the highest quality and to be in line with our business standards. Therefore, we have carried out various tests on the product.

The durability and effectiveness of the shielding card Card Guard have been tested by Profisec.