SkimProt Protective Sticker

SkimProt is a protective sticker, which guards your chip-enabled bank card from skimming. The sticker is to be applied to the magnetic stripe of the bank card, fully covering the rеcorded on it data. Meanwhile, SkimProt redirects the ATM to read the necessary for completing the transaction information from the safer card chip.

*Due to partial incompatibility the sticker does not work with OBB issued cards, when such cards are used on ATM owned by the aforementioned bank.

  1. Attach the bank card to the special template, so that it’s magnetic stripe matches closely the opening of the template.
  2. Peel SkimProt from the backing paper and apply it nearly on the magnetic stripe, following the opening of the template. Press to stick well.
  3. Your bank card is ready. Now you can use your bank card without any concern about the security of your data on any ATM or POS terminals, which support card with a chip.
  • Protective layer

    A protective coating shields the sticker during the daily use of your bank card.

  • Magnetic layer

    A magnetic stripe containing a code, instructing ATMs to use the card’s chip and zeros in place of card information.

  • Screening layer

    A material designed specifically for SkimProt, covering completely the information contained in the card’s magnetic stripe.

  • Adhesive layer

    A specialized glue which adheres securely to the card and at the same time can be easily peeled off, if necessary.


SkimProt was chosen as the most innovative product in the card manufacturing category in the biggest exhibition for smart technologies CARTES America 2014.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the most innovative smart products and new trends in the banking sector on the American market.

The jury was composed of internationally recognized experts, working in organizations, whose purpose is to promote and develop smart technologies.

In 2015 the company was awarded “Best Start-up” by Fores Bulgaria.

SkimProt Protective Sticker has been tested by numerous Bulgarian and international laboratories.

The product was tested by Card Testing International – one of the biggest laboratories for card testing worldwide. Completed were tests examining the effectiveness of the product in preventing skimming.

We understand how important it is for our product to be durable against every day use. Therefore, out protective sticker was tested by AlmiLab. The laboratory put the sticker through a number of tests, proving its durability.

Other institutions and laboratories have also confirmed and quality and effectiveness of the protective sticker – Borika,  Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria – The Special Equipment Institute and Unibit.