The protective Sticker can be used with any type of bank card, which has a chip.

If you have to use your bank card without the Protective Sticker, you can carefully remove it and stick it back on the magnetic stripe afterwards. We do not recommend doing this more than 4-5 times.

The life span of the Protective Sticker is similar to the one of a bank card – 2-3 years.

When done with precision you can remove it and stick it back on the card between 4-5 times.

The functionality of the sticker depends on the country where it will be used. There is a possibility that a certain country’s infrastructure has not migrated to reading chips. Therefore, the ATM will not be able to read the card in the presence of the protective sticker. In case you have questions regarding a specific country, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

The protective sticker works on all ATMs and POS terminals, who’s infrastructure and software have migrated to chip reading.

No, the protective sticker protects your magnetic stripe from being unlawfully scanned. It does not protect you from RFID skimming. This is what the Card Guard can be used for.

Yes, the protective sticker has been tested in a number of independent laboratories in Bulgaria, as well as abroad. The tests prove the effectiveness and durability of the product. The actual certificates can be found in the product description page.

You can use the Card Guard with any type of a contactless bank card.

При поставяне на защитната карта между две банкови карти, продуктът защитава и двете.

The Card Guard and e-Passport Guard do not have an expiration date. The products are highly durable and can be used numerous times.

In order to use the contactless function of your bank card  you should always distance the Card Guard from it in order to complete a transaction. At that moment you card will be unprotected.

No, you cannot use the Card Guard to protect you passport. The protective card has to cover the whole surface of the passport.

e-Passport Guard protects only 1 biometric passport.

Доказването на скимиране е много труден и бавен процес. Понякога доказването, че не сте били на мястото на теглене, особено ако то е в страната на прибирваване, този процес може да е много дълъг, изтощителен и неприятен. За да си спестите главоболията, можете с един продукт да бъдете напълно защитени.

No, applying simply tape/sticker on the magnetic stripe of the bank card will not protect your bank card. It will in fact cause your card to malfunction. When you insert your bank card in an ATM, is looks for the necessary information first in the magnetic stripe. If there is tape over the magnetic stripe, the ATM will not find any information and will not recognise your card as a bank card. Therefore, you will not be able to complete a transaction.

We do not advice you to try and burn you bank card’s RFID chip. It is not located in the same place for every single bank card. The act of burning could harm the overall functionality of the bank card.

Unfortunately, hiding your PIN code is not enough to protect your bank card. Fraudsters sometimes place a second pad, thus retrieving your PIN code even if you are hiding it from the camera.

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