SkimProt e-Passport Guard

SkimProt e-Passport Guard is a protective technology, which protects the information in your passport or any other identity document, which has a RFID chip.  The shielding card is to be places inside your passport, making it impossible to be scanned from a distance without your knowledge.

  1. Place the protective cards inside your passport, after the frond cover. One product can protect one biometric passport.
  2. Keep e-Passport Guard inside your passport at all time, unless you are crossing boarders.
  3. The passport can function normally only when moved away from SkimProt e-Passport Guard.

For us it is important that the product we offer are of the highest quality and to be in line with our business standards. Therefore, we have carried out various tests on the product.

The durability and effectiveness of the shielding card e-Passport Guard have been tested by Profisec.