Protect your bank card from fraud

SkimProt is a protective sticker designed for the widespread chip-enabled bank cards. The sticker protects debit and credit cards from information theft and fraud.

SkimProt is attached to the magnetic stripe of the card and hides the information it contains. When using an ATM, the sticker directs the machine to use the much better protected chip.

In most countries more than 80% of ATMs and POS terminals support the new chip technology, but cards are supplied with a magnetic stripe to ensure their compatibility with the old generation devices.

100% protection

You can be fully protected without any need to know how ATMs and POS terminals work and how criminals steal your bank card data.

Easy to use

You can buy the sticker in the stores or online and ensure quickly and easily that your card is protected – just by placing the sticker.

The card is not modified

The sticker does not modify the card, so if necessary you can take it off and use the card without the protective sticker.


SkimProt was chosen as the most innovative product in the card manufacturing category in the biggest exhibition for smart technologies CARTES America 2014.

The aim of the exhibition is to show the most innovative smart products and new trends in the banking sector on the American market.

The jury was composed of internationally recognized experts, working in organizations, whose purpose is to promote and develop smart technologies.

If you are interested in distributing or selling SkimProt in your country, please contact us.

* In various countries, such as the United States, ATM and POS infrastructure could be outdated, thus the product may have limited use capabilities.